Truly each day is a new experience.  Please stay mindful that each day is an opportunity for you to shine.  Do you want to learn more, share more, be more?  Well, you have that chance as dawn breaks and you open your eyes and mind to a new awareness.  Before you get out of bed offer your gratitude for the opportunity of a new day.  Even if you feel loaded down or discouraged, used and abused or whatever it is that you may be struggling with.  Let the Light of the Heavens shine on you and begin to penetrate all that does not belong in or on you.  Say good morning to God.  Feel the expansion in your heart just thinking the word God.  Imagine the energy connected with this word.  All nations through all time have prayed and loved using the word God.  The power of this is yours, all you must do is open your heart and accept that you are on this earth place because you were Divinely selected.  Your Father/Mother God loved you into existence.  No matter how you feel, loved or unloved, you are loved with the greatest Love of all.  Opportunity and purpose surround you.

Open your eyes and heart, feel the Love, let it permeate your entire beingness.  Just imagine how special you must be.  God does not make any mistakes and knows all your thoughts, yearnings, prayers, goals and intentions.  What you ask for you will receive.  We must trust that what we are asking will unfold at exactly the right moment and the right way.  Sometimes we do not see what we asked for because it is not exactly as we requested.  Why not let it come in the way that is best for you?  The way that God brings it to you as there is no greater wisdom or knowledge.  There is no one that knows you better and there is no one who knows what you really need in the greatest and grandest way.

Open your minds and hearts, trust, Love and be the all your possibilities now, not tomorrow. Why wait is it fear or is it a lack of trust?  Whatever it is yield, get out of the way and let Divine Love unfold in your life.  Let your mind reflect the beauty of your Soul.  Let your life be a constant unfoldment of your goodness and caring.

Today is a new day, let it be your day.  Open your eyes and arms wide and say thank you!

Blessing to you all!

Angel Gail

A Message from Angel


​​​​Happy New Year, Happy New Life.