My dear friends and fellow travelers,

We are truly residing in a new world with so many questions and changes playing in our life.  Remember that Divine Love goes before you and prepares the way so “Fear not, I am with you always”.

Now we must take time to do our meditation daily and Trust your intuition which is always the first thought.  How many times have you wished things were different, well now they are and this is opportunity in many different ways so look around you, see who you can help, how you can be of service, do not wait to be asked.

Go forward in the Spirit of Community and Love for your fellow human beings.  This certainly blesses each of you in unlimited ways. 

Also, notice how many times things just seem to happen, you think of someone and they call, or you receive a text from them, ONE mind is always in operation.  Ideas seemingly just pop in your head out of nowhere, or so it seems.  

You now have time to notice your deeper and greater connections to the Universe.  Use your time productively by serving, studying, meditating, noticing, gardening, praying, reaching out to others and being true to yourself.  Remember we must always be our priority so that we are 100% involved in every situation in our life.  Never letting resentment rule because we have set ourselves aside to please others.  In doing this you will find disappointment step in, forgetting you created it, and will find yourself angry at the one you chose to serve first.  You set yourself up!

It is a time to be, to be in our fullness, our God self, and a time to really listen to our inner thoughts and desires.  Take inventory, are you happy?  If not find what you can do about it?  Reach in and reach out, each is available in these times with all the social media available.

Phone readings are available from me so book an appointment if needed, I am here for you.  I can be reached at

We are always a Light, one that is beamed constantly from the Universe of Love and acceptance.

Be that Light!

Always in Divine Love,

Angel Gail Konz


A Message from Angel