​Each year my objective is to learn and grow as much as possible, to learn more about life, healing, and growing in body, mind and Spirit.

Thus, our trip to Brazil this year departing on June 24th and returning July 6th or 7th. Not only do I learn and grow, I find myself experiencing many different healings, some subtle and some very clearly demonstrated.  Things that I had not even been aware of, yet I find myself with more clarity and insight. More awareness of Divine Love bringing me to this place to be with John of God who is known as one of the greatest healers in the world at this time.

Certainly, I go there with ideas as to how I can grow and learn, how I can heal in ways unknown to myself.  Never am I not surprised and deeply gratified for all of what takes place not just with me, with all the others who join our group.

Who chooses to join our group is in my mind clearly appointed by God and each of you will know if this is your time and your place to learn more about the deeper meaning of all of life.  Sharing and witnessing all of what happens to you and those around you.  Seeing and hearing of miracles that defy your belief systems and amaze yourself

We all have specific ideas as to why we are going to see John of God yet none of us really realize the power and amazing realizations to self and the others who have joined us on this pilgrimage.  We all go with certain expectations, hopes, and sorrows.  Many dreams and yearnings and a great deal of curiosity. What we can guarantee is fulfillment in an assortment of ways and most definitely a change in your awareness and thus your life.

Often what you think you go for is not at all what the reason is.  You will return home with new awareness, hope and insight.  Your inner changes do not stop when you return home, they continue to amaze you.  Never do we not change when we have been in the company of this great healer appointed by God, for it is only God who could appoint all the Entities who work through John of God.  This healer is an unconscious Medium which means that he goes into trance and the Entities who are working through him then work to do healings on those who come before John of God.  Not to mention that many other healings take place while you are in your room, at the Sacred Waterfall, in the Crystal Beds and just walking around town.

I invite each of you to join us this year and I pray you will hear the call.  Myself, Angel Gail Konz, Will, and Rafael work together to coordinate, assist and meet all your needs.  I could say this is a trip to Wonderland, Oz or many other places.  The truth is this is a trip to your Soul.

Cost is $1900 for room, board, and guidance.  Your airline ticket is not included.  Other expenses would be for blessed water, crystal beds and optional gifts you may want to take home.  

Each day at 5:00 PM our group gathers in a meeting room to share our experiences, questions and our day.  This way we are all sharing each other’s experiences and questions.  So much bonding takes place as well as deeper understanding from sharing with each other.  Angel and Will monitor these sessions.

To register contact Angel angelgail1@sbcglobal.net, or Rafaeli@schrammnyc.com 

A $1000 deposit is due at time of registering and balance of payment due June 1.

Looking forward to journeying with you on our visit to John of God.


Angel Gail Konz


                                                                           ANGEL GAIL KONZ and WILLY ARREDONDO


He is considered to be the most powerful, unconscious medium alive today.  For over 40 years, millions have travelled from around the globe to see him at the Casa de Dom Inacio in Abadiania, a small town south of Brazil's capital city of Brasilia.  Although he has no formal medical training, he is credited with facilitating the healing process of 15 million. He is very clear about one thing: “I do not cure anybody. God heals, and in his infinite goodness permits the Entities to heal and console my brothers.”

To learn more about him, visit www.johnofgod.com



I have made this journey before.  In fact, this is my thirteenth time.  Each time, there were so many miracles happening around me. The first time, I thought that this is what it must have been like when Jesus was alive. There were people from all over the world, with differing beliefs, yet all drawn together by this healer. Being in his presence is a generous gift. It is the closest experience of love in its fullest demonstration. That’s why I keep going back.


Angel Gail is a world renowned medium having taught in India, U.S., Thailand, Switzerland, Viet Nam as well as many different States in the U.S. She has been visiting John of God for over 13 years and attributes much of her evolution and success to this.  


Here’s an overview of what you can expect.  We will provide you with more details and information as we get closer to departure.  Most importantly, our group will be together with you throughout your time there.


I plan to make your trip to visit John of God as comfortable, enjoyable, and beneficial for you as possible, physically mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  I have asked two others to assist me in this objective:

  • Will Arredondo:  While in Brazil, Willie Arredondo will be my Associate.  He will provide translations during your visit with John of God, and assisting me in other logistical ways, as needed.  Willie is a fluent speaker of Portuguese, Spanish and English.  He is very familiar and knows what to expect, as he has made four prior visits to John of God in Abadiana. 
  • Rafael Eli will be our business manager. While there, he will make sure all is well with our lodging and meals. He has also made five prior visits to Abadiania


  • Airfare and US ground transports to and from your local airport are the responsibility of the individual. 
  • Visits to the Casa and meeting with John of God are no fee.
  • Fee - We will be charging individuals in our group the discounted fee of $1,900 per person for two weeks for the land portion of the trip.  The $1,900 fee covers:
    • Transportation to and from Abadiania from the airport
    • Twelve nights at a Pousada in Abadiania, including three daily meals
    • Daily meetings with Angel and our whole group sharing our experiences and bonding with each other.  As always I am very clear that each group is divinely selected to be together for many reasons all of which are to your advantage for your full experience of John of God.
  • Travel Insurance - Make sure to buy your insurance, which includes medical coverage abroad.

For those of you going on this trip, we advise that you do the following as soon as possible:


You will need to book your flight. The best flight to Brasilia is the American Airlines nonstop flight from Miami daily. There is only one nonstop flight to Brasilia from anywhere in the USA and it is the American Airlines flight from Miami. 

  •  You may purchase your flight tickets online or contact BACC, a New York based Brazilian travel agency. Ask for Renata, 212-730-1010 or 800-222-2746It seems that BACC Travel (Brazilian Travel Agency in NYC) has the best fares. Their fares are wholesale versus buying directly from the airline.
  • Flight information is subject to change - before booking a flight, please consult with Angel/Rafael to coordinate flights/times and make sure that your transfer by car to Abadiania is included as part of the package (depending on when you arrive).


You will need to apply for Visa to visit Brazil, which can be done in the following ways:  

  • Online:
    • The application asks for the hotel address:​ 
      • Hotel Amazonas, Avenida Francisca Teixeira Damas nº 721. Lindo Horizonte –Abadiânia, Goias, CEP 72940-000, Brazil 
    • Follow the instructions for filing out the form that is required for requesting a tourist visa and follow instructions from there.
    • Consulate General of Brazil in Chicago depending on your location.  (Chicago covers residents of: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, South Dakota and Wisconsin.) http://chicago.itamaraty.gov.br/en-us/vitur_(tourist_visa).xml 
    • Go online to Consulate General of Brazil in New York: http://novayork.itamaraty.gov.br/en-us/tourism_visa.xml 
  • Travel Agent: For a small additional fee the travel agent will assist you in applying for your visa.
  • Visa Service: You may wish to use a visa service like the Brazil Visa Service: 

         3950 Lake Shore Dr., Suite 1820D, Chicago, IL 60613, phone/fax (773) 525-0678

The visa will be in the form of a stamp in your passport, and will be good for 5 years.  Note that the visa will not be accepted for entry into Brazil with a passport that is to expire within six months of the date of entry into Brazil. Do not wait on your application once you decide to join us.


  • Be sure to purchase insurance for your trip when booking your ticket that covers emergency medical transportation, trip cancellation protection, baggage coverage, etc.
  • Allianz is a reliable company to use  https://www.allianztravelinsurance.com/lp/ppc or call 866-672-9580


  • Send a check now for $1000 to Angel Gail Konz, 4692 Vines Rd., Howell, Michigan 48843. 
  • Mark on your check deposit for Brazil trip.
  • The fee of $1,900 for a two (2) week stay, payable to Angel, covers all costs for airport transfers in Brazil (depending on when you travel, consult with Angel/Rafael), lodging and food.
  • Remaining balance of $900 must be received by Angel on June 1, 2018.

Finally, please let us know as soon as you commit to this trip to visit John of God. We hope that this letter provides you a satisfactory initial picture of what is involved in
planning for and going to Brazil to visit John of God. 

If you have any questions, please call or e-mail us at:


John of God 

Brazil Trip